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Blog Member Spotlight: Dave Yolitz



Member Spotlight: Dave Yolitz

  • by rbwrv
  • September 15, 2016

Member Spotlight: Dave Yolitz


Dave Yolitz joined the Maxx Strength community one year ago. As a new member, he kept in the background with his quiet disposition. Each day he’d come in after work for the 5:30 p.m. class and head home to his now wife, Sarah, and their two dogs in Taylor.

It wasn’t until Halloween that Dave decided to share that whimsical personality we’ve come to know so well. Dressed as running Forrest Gump, he showed up in a poncho and a hefty tie-on brown beard smothering half his face. The WOD itself was not conducive to a costume, so Dave hit a crossroad. In the moments before the start of the Halloween WOD, he bravely decided to take off his costume poncho, revealing a pair of short gym shorts, the scant fabric now endearingly referred to as “Dave’s ranger panties.”

“It’s tough for me to get embarrassed,” Dave laughed, but the Halloween WOD was a turning point in the relationship between Dave and the box. “This might sound goofy, but I’m proud of really pushing myself, not just physically. I’ve seen physical improvements, but socially, I’ve been in Oxford for three years… I didn’t know anybody until I came to Maxx. It got me out of my shell, out of the house and got my wife and me in a good social group that we very much enjoy being a part of.”

dave dave6

Dave is a 29 year-old supervisor at Batesville Casket Company, previously working as an engineer in his home state of Wisconsin. He met his wife, Sarah, as an undergraduate at Virginia Tech. Three years ago, Dave decided to move to Oxford, after Sarah moved here for her company. “She didn’t want to go where it was cold, so I came down here.”

Part of what makes Dave dynamic is getting to know him in layers. In college, Dave became an MMA fighter on a bet. “Yeah, right, Dave, you could never do that,” his friends teased. At that moment, Dave set out to prove them wrong. He joined a club, trained, and fought in the cage twice. “I got beat up pretty good the first time. It was a pretty good fight.”

Dave got his Crossfit start with his father on the Air Force base where they lived ten years ago. “I saw how it brought [people] together, how it bettered them physically and mentally. I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.” It became a special pastime between father and son, and something they continue to enjoy together.

In Oxford, Dave built an elaborate home gym, complete with a self-made squat rack. He continued Crossfit in his garage gym until he started to plateau. He started to research how to get out of the rut. “I didn’t need fancy, expensive equipment,” Dave realized. “I needed support, I needed pushing. I needed the community.”

dave5   dave4   dave2

So, Dave joined Maxx Strength, the diversity of the members appealing to him the most. “There are weightlifters, college athletes, ROTC, military, masters students, teens, a little bit of everything.” And the Maxx community keeps him coming back.

“I’m not strong enough to motivate myself, to push through the longer workouts, to hit the heavier weights. Even if no one is here, it’s in my head that this is the place I come to push myself.”

It’s not surprising then that Dave’s favorite WOD is Elizabeth. “You put your head down, grit your teeth and get through it. Complaining isn’t going to make the workout any better.”
This month marks Dave’s one year anniversary with Maxx Strength. “It was pretty clear when I got [to Maxx] that this community was exactly what I needed. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

Article written by Maxx member,  Sital Sigh. 


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