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Blog Saying Good-bye to 3 great Coaches!



Saying Good-bye to 3 great Coaches!

  • by rbwrv
  • July 13, 2018

Saying Good-Bye to 3 great Coaches:

John Pirtle, Alex Swenson & Kassandra Boyer

2018 has been a year for change for Maxx Strength! So many of our members and staff have graduated or moved and are onto the next step in their life. Although we always hate to see members of our family go and each of you hold such a special place in our family, we are always so excited to see growth and change in each of your lives! 

This month we are saying “good-bye for now” to three great coaches and they each wanted to say a quick goodbye to you below:

“Thank y’all for embracing me within the CrossFit community and for helping push me to be a better person inside and outside of the gym! I hope I was able to leave a positive, lasting impression on you all as well. God bless and I wish you all the best”

-John Pirtle 

John is taking the LSAT and moving home while he prepares for Law School. John has been a part of this gym for the past 4 years as a member and coach. We have  watched him grow into the man and coach he is today and it has been truly enjoyable.  

“Maxx Strength Family!

Kassandra and I want to thank everyone at the gym for welcoming us with open arms. From day one you all have been amazing. We feel very blessed to be part of this special community. We also want to thank Hayley for bringing us on as coaches and allowing us to practice what we love.

That all said, Kassandra and I will be moving to Jacksonville, FL (after we get hitched) and opening a gym. It’s been a dream of ours so if you are ever in town, please drop in! Thank you again and God bless!”

– Kassandra & Alex 


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